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 Keeping  your  books  in  balance... 

Octopus  Bookkeeping  Services

  Practice Licence No:14234

General Bookkeeping   

  • Processing sales invoices and credit notes

  • Customer income allocations

  • Producing customer statements

  • Processing supplier invoices and credit notes

  • Supplier statement reconciliation

  • Processing supplier payments 

  • Producing payment remittance advice

Sales Ledger is a very important part of a business. To make sure you will receive the correct amount for your services or goods, your sales ledger must be accurate. This will affect your cash flow, your profit and of course the tax you will need to pay to HMRC

Purchase Ledger also affects your cash flow, profit and tax but in this case if you underpay or you do not pay your suppliers you could end up paying penalty charges for late payment or the suppliers could put your accounts on hold. If you don't get your goods in time you could lose customers and on a longer term it can seriously harm your business




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